New Year’s Resolution for You and Your Pet

Pets New Year Resolutions

With the New Year being imminent, here comes again another set of resolutions. But for a change, let us involve our furry companions in crafting meaningful resolutions for the upcoming year.

Here are some resolutions which my pet and I are taking for the new year:

Rejoice more “we time”

Our pets get acclimated to our habits and lifestyle. Just like how children learn through observation, most of our pets too are avid observers. They love to do anything we do and just enjoy lying down next to us as we go on with our daily lives. Spending some “we time” with your pet is not a burden but a holistic one . Our relationship with our pets are symbiotic from emotional to physical aspects. Cuddling and playing with your pet, fosters a strong bond between you both. If you do have more than a single pet in your household, ensure you provide undivided attention to each pet. You can do so by scheduling designated time for each pet and a special activity each of them enjoy too.

Practise nutritious eating habits 

A healthy eating habit adds years to the health bank. You and your pet can benefit from a nutritious eating habit. Here are some guidelines you both can follow:

  • Choose the best quality food – All the food groups must be included in the diet. Ensure you eat clean and include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein rich food in the daily diet. Choosing wholesome, farm fresh and local as well as sustainable food is beneficial for you and the earth. For your pet, ensure you choose the best quality pet food in the market. Ensure you feed species, breed and an age appropriate diet. 

  • Portion control –  Overfeeding or overeating can cause unwanted weight related problems in the future for your pet and you. Be mindful when you eat and respond to your hunger and satiety cues systematically. For your pet, provide feed quantity as per guidelines mentioned on the food packet or as per your pet nutritionist/veterinarian’s advice. 

  • Treats and cheats – Having cheat meals or treats now and then is not a punishment nor a reward. Being too strict with both your diets can cause bingeing in the future or even low mood levels. You can follow an intuitive eating pattern and be cautious not to overindulge. Healthier snack options and portion control are essential features to a well-rounded diet. 

Prioritise health checkups

Regular health check ups are crucial to prevent any potential health malfunctions in future and also improve our life span. 

These are the benefits of health checkups are:

  • Prevention – “Prevention is better than cure”. A regular health check-up can allow an immediate stimulus to treat and provide intervention.
  • Monitoring any health conditions – There may be many health conditions which are already prevailing in you or your pet. Frequent checks can help scrutinise progress made. 

  • Early diagnosis of diseases – The early detection of a disease in you and your pet alike can profoundly improve the outcome of cure. 

  • Vaccination records are kept up to date – There are many diseases which arise every year and vaccinations can help protect ourselves and our pets from the most common ones and improve our quality of life. 

  • Nutrition advice – Most health check-up packages may include a visit to the dietitian to provide suitable advice regarding health and nutrition. Your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist will be the source of nutrition advice for pets. 

Enhance oral wellbeing

The importance of dental hygiene has been emphasised since we held our first toothbrush. It is a part of our daily regimen but we do not pay conscious attention to proper and the right way of brushing our teeth. Gum health is also an important influencing factor of diabetes, stroke, heart issues etc. Though we are suggested to brush our teeth once in the morning and once in the night before sleeping, it is not the same for our little furry buddies, twice a week of brushing is sufficient unless the veterinarian suggests otherwise.

These are the benefits of oral health for us and our pet:

  • Prevents cavities
  • Prevents gum infections
  • Improves general body system functions.
  • Keeps your teeth healthy and beautiful.
  • Reduces teeth sensitivity
  • Better digestive health    

Learn exciting skills and tricks

“Practice makes perfect”. Learning does not have an age limit nor does it have a limit to species too. Keeping your mind busy is as crucial as keeping your body busy too. It can help you grow in your professional career too. Some exciting skills you can learn are – cooking, baking, a new language, digital marketing, creative writing, playing a new sport, photography etc. 

You can also spend time and revise old tricks with your pets or train them to demonstrate new tricks like fetching a specific item, crawling, praying, agility training or the trending selfie with your pet reel on instagram. Taking them to a professional can help with a different set of training ideologies. But remember to be patient and have a positive outlook to training and learning because “Practice makes perfect”.  

Go on playdates

A playdate can give you the opportunity for both you and your pet to socialise, have fun and create strong, unbreakable bonds with other pets, other pet owners or even simply between you and your pet too! Here are some ideas for a pet friendly play date:

  • You can choose any location such as the park, beach, cafes etc and swap locations anytime.

  • Conduct costume parties or fashion shows to entertain yourselves and pets. There are many creative costumes and dresses available in the market right now. Luxe couture and boutiques for pet essentials are also easy to source. So dress yourself and your pet up and have fun!

  • Enjoy a delicious, yummy and wholesome meal with your pet’s company at a pet-friendly restaurant. Usually pet friendly restaurants have outdoor seating for your pet and you to enjoy each other’s company.

  • Play pet friendly sports such as fetch and agility training or swimming with other pet parents and pets.

Get insured

Getting insured can help you and your beloved furry buddy lead a secure life and avoid financial losses.  You can choose the type of insurance you need such as life insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, health insurance etc. Always being prepared for anything and everything that life throws at you is a good thing and can give you the required peace of mind for everyday life.  

Practise philanthropy

“For it is in giving that we receive”. The fag end of the year and the festive season instils in us the feel to give out to society. We can transform many lives through this deep sense of compassion to other humans and pets alike. There are many in the world who are suffering without food, company and basic necessities. We can do our minimum by sharing our preloved items such as clothes, toys, pet food bowls, old blankets, leashes, harnesses etc. So in the spirit of new year’s lets inculcate the simple sense of enriching other peoples and pets lives through our conviction through empathy. 

Make a bucket list

As a new year unfolds, so do our wishes, dreams and goals. Let’s create a pet friendly bucket list too. Here are some bucket list ideas right out of mine:

  • Take a photoshoot with my pet
  • Go on a road trip
  • Feed stray pups
  • Go for a doga session
  • Swim with my pet

The benefits of a bucket list are multifaceted and my last year’s bucket list has benefited me in many ways such as:

  • Clarity in terms of direction in life
  • Made me satisfied and happy
  • Break past the comfort zone
  • Given me a memorable experience
  • Improved dopamine level and reduced regrets in life
  • Strengthened my bond with my pet

Be active

Embracing an active lifestyle is a challenging but delightful habit especially with a furry companion. Irrespective of your pet being a dog or a cat or a hamster. The process of becoming active can strengthen the strong bond between pets and pet parents. It could be a simple walk in the morning with our four legged friend or a fun game of fetch at the park. Just being outdoors is a natural antidote to stress , anxiety and all the other negative emotions. Just like us, our pets love consistency and being physically active. As we sail through hardships in our daily lives, being active can act as a good distraction and benefit both the furry buddies and masters alike socially, mentally and physically.

Here are some ideas to embrace physical activity:

  • Play tug of war
  • Go on a nature trail
  • Go to a dog park
  • Practice agility training
  • Play a game like hide and seek
  • Go for a swim

These were some of my personal new year’s resolution ideas to take with your furry companion. Though sticking to resolutions can be very challenging, you can achieve them through consistency and a positive outlook to increase your chances of succeeding in your goals. Anything and everything is possible if we have the mind and heart to pursue them!

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