Best Pet Friendly Staycations In Tamil Nadu

Best Pet-Friendly Staycations in Tamil Nadu

It can be a binding situation when you desire a staycation and you are between the devil and the deep blue sea when you look at your pet’s puppy eyes. You cannot leave your pet behind but at the same time you want to spend time as a family outdoors in a new environment and a new atmosphere. We have made life easier for you by making a list of 11 dog friendly staycations in Tamil Nadu. 

Here is our carefully curated pet-friendly staycations in Tamil Nadu:

  1. INDeco, Swamimalai 

This is a heritage resort which is a combination of luxury and nature. Culture is instilled in every brick of the resort. There are varied types of stays they provide such as – Villa suites, heritage rooms, pool with private villa etc. You can sip on your morning cup of coffee with your furry friend by your side as you watch the peacocks fly by. Post coffee you can explore their in house museum, pet their adoptive cat, have fun with family by the pump set or go for a swim with your pet in the pool which resembles a temple pond. They offer home made food at their restaurant. Some of the ingredients such as the eggs used in cooking are sourced from their in-house chicken. The restaurant offers only eggitarian friendly food (people who are vegetarians but consume eggs). This resort is extremely pet friendly and there is no restriction as to where your pet can explore. Hands down your pet will enjoy the freedom of the surroundings.  

  1. Anantya by the lake, Travancore 

If you feel like you need a retreat with your pet, this is the place to go. They have different stay options. There are 31 lake facing resorts such as the pool villas, luxury villas, jacuzzi cottages and other cottages etc. The resort screams of its eco-friendly nature and minimalism. Your pet for sure will enjoy the tropical external ambience. They offer pet friendly facilities such as a welcome kit, comfortable bedding, food prepared at an extra cost, and an on call veterinarian. They may charge an extra of Rs 1000 for your pet’s stay depending on the total duration of stay. Though the pools are a no-pet allowed zone, the lake is an alternative they provide for your pets who are water babies. Their restaurant offers yummy south indian delicacies to savour every meal. Other facilities they offer are – fishing, pool zorbing, take a tour of the plantation or take scenic pictures at their love nest with your dear ones. 

  1. Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort & Spa, Covelong 

 This has been a popular resort which has had no limit to hosting the different pet species such as dogs, cats, birds etc. and plans to follow the same in future as well. They offer food and water bowls, cosy bedding for your pet and also some toys for them to play with. They do offer an exquisite care package for your pet which comprises pet shampoos, paw butter etc. They also have a special menu for your furry friend such as eggs made to order, bone broth, cooked vegetables, bacon, beef etc. Their staff has also had training to handle dogs and have a good knowledge about what to feed them and what food is toxic for their health. So, do not miss this opportunity to escape the helter scatter and noise of the city and have some secluded precious time with your pet.

  1. Zeenath Taj Gardens, Yelagiri 

 This resort at Yelagiri is a suitable 3-4 hours drive from Bangalore or Chennai. It is a 11-acre property with lush greens and suitable for a nature retreat. They are completely pet friendly and your pet can have the time of his life here. You can request them to cook food for your furry friend and enjoy delicious home made food from their set buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have beautiful gardens of flowers and also a rabbit hutch and bird cavity. They also have sprawling fields where they grow vegetables and other produce. Do take your pet here and have a gala time!

  1. Destiny – The Farm Resort, Ooty 

 For a real and good country style resort experience with your pet, do visit this farm stay. They are extremely pet friendly and located 1 hour from Ooty at Avalanche. They provide different packages for your pets such as – kennel facility, portable kennels and food for pets at an extra cost. 

The choice of food they offer your pet are – 

  • Kibble
  • Boiled chicken
  • Boiled egg
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Boiled rice with yoghurt 
  • Steamed vegetables 
  • Eggs
  • Oats with milk
  • Mashed potato

 You will never feel bored at this resort, you can enjoy a barbeque night with your pet, learn horse riding, pet some farm animals, visit their farms or if you are an adventurous individual, you can trek, camp, go for a nature walk, enjoy arts and crafts and sip some hot tea as you enjoy the chill weather.

  1. Hotel Villa des Gouverneurs, Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a 3-4 hour drive away from Chennai and is frequently visited by most of us due to its proximity. This stay is a 250 year old structure which had initially been a part of the French headquarters during the French rule. This is a compact stay with mini duplex rooms and suites where your pet can enjoy time. They did not have a dining option during my last visit, however they are open to food delivery services. You can relax in their soft and cosy bed or spend time with your pet exploring the beautiful town of Pondicherry.

  1. Regent Hillside Villa and Resort, Yercaud 

 This is a heritage and boutique hotel with art pieces in every nook and corner. You can enjoy the scenic view of the coffee plantations. The owner of the hotel also dons the role of the manager and is an avid collector of antique things. They have 2 restaurants which pamper non-vegetarians. There are several in-house exotic bird and dog breeds which the guests can pet and your furry friend can also interact with and have a revelrest time.

  1. Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mamallapuram 

 If you are looking for a staycation close to home,  you must visit this resort. They are welcome to pet boarding and offer exclusive mats, bedding, collars, food and meals (chicken and rice, steamed fish or kibble) etc. The Holiday season is particularly busy and may need prior booking.

  1. Park Hyatt, Guindy 

 Park Hyatt has a “Paws at the Park” programme. They welcome pets for a stay with open arms. They are a globally renowned brand to be very pet-friendly. During festive seasons such as Diwali last year (2023), they offered denim bandanas for pets. For those new to Chennai, they also provide guests with the nearest pet-friendly spas, cafes and restaurants, veterinary clinics etc. They may also levy an overhead pet charge per night for each pet of Rs 3000.

  1. ITC Grand Chola, Guindy 

ITC Grand Chola has been pet friendly from the start of time. They make pet meals on request and the hotel staff can direct you as to where pet parents can take their furry friends for their morning rituals and walks. They also provide garbage bags and scoops to aid clean after pets. This is a convenient staycation for Chennaiites. 

Take a staycation with your pet and have fun and frolic at the different locations suggested in this blog. However, remember to pre-book ahead and confirm if the place is pet-friendly before visiting as we do not want to return home with a sad face due to a change in pet policy. There is no reason to not take your pet along with you now for a vacation or staycation too!

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