14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friend 

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Furry Friend

Love is in the air! Our little furry beings devote their time and love and are there for us with the drop of hat. So, who else can be a better valentine than our pets who give us love all year round ? This valentines day, pamper your pooches with treats, toys and flowers and spend some lovely time with them.

However, If you still need some convincing why your pet may be the best valentine,

Here are some reasons why your pet is the best valentine

    • They are our unpaid therapists

      • They have no expectations

      • They love every moment spent with you

      • They do not expect gifts

      • They leave choices to us

      • They love cuddling

      • They love sharing meals

      • They do not judge us

      • They give us unconditional love

      • They make us smile

      • They do not shy away from showering us with love

    Here are 14 ways to make your beloved “paw-lentine” feel special this February 14 


      1. Go for a spa 

      Set the scene for a relaxing spa day at home for you and your furry friend. Light some candles, dim the lights, spray some comforting room fresheners using a humidifier. However, do not use overpowering aromas which may cause discomfort to your pet. Pour some bubble bath in warm water and soak up all your stress as you spend washes away . For a professional spa, you could always book an appointment at the nearest pet spa; however, the only downside would be that you may have to spend time away from each other on this special evening.       

        2. Gift them something special

        You know your pet best, you know what they love to eat, what they enjoy doing. Gifting them something special such as a personalised collar or a collar with precious stones which can be worn on special occasions or memorable outings can make them feel special. At the end of the day, your pet enjoys positive reinforcement too and gift giving is a way to make them feel precious. Here are some gifts close to my heart that I am considering giving my beloved pet Butter this valentine’s day – a personalised pillow, a squeaky toy, an interactive toy etc.   

          3. Dress for the occasion 

          Every day is an occasion which requires no excuse to dress up but why not take advantage of this valentine’s day and rejoice the occasion! You could both dress up in matching pyjamas and spend the evening at home doing what you both love doing together or you could dress up elegantly in dainty dresses or smart tuxedos and go for a night out as you spend quality time together.

            4. Decorate your home for valentine’s day

            Let us not limit our act of decoration to Christmas or Halloween alone, let us indulge in the idea of decking our halls with Valentine’s day themed objects like handcrafted décor where we can put our creativity to use too! You could go with the classic string lights, candles, red balloons or go all out with hand crafted décor and exotic or wild flowers. You could involve your pet in this process too by asking them to choose the décor with their little snouts or hang up some of your favourite pictures with your dog in designated areas.

            5. Great time to have a date time

            Improve your bond as you get to know your paw-lentine better. There may be days when you survive a hectic schedule and you may not be able give your pet the undivided attention they deserve. The special day of valentine’s need not be spoilt by the unpredictable weather, keep your gadgets and distracting objects away and you could probably spend time together as you bake cookies, meat roasts etc. Cuddle under cosy fleece blankets. This act is scientifically proven to increase secretion of the love hormone “Oxytocin” for both you and your pooch.

              6. Have a picnic 

              Take out the old fashioned cane basket from the attic as it is time to be picnic ready!   A picnic combines the 2 acts your pet may love – walking and eating. Pack some jerky or make a pitstop at a pet bakery to get some valentine’s day themed baked goodies and meals. Carry a blanket along as you lay on the grass and soak up some sunshine along with your four-legged sunshine!  

                7. Binge watch “Bluey”

                There has been increased attention to the fact that dogs have a different range of vision when compared to us humans. The TV show Bluey supposedly uses colours of the range – blue, yellow, brown and grey which is the same spectrum of light that dogs can see. In the recent past, Instagram reels have divulged the fact that our furry friends are quite engrossed with this cartoon, so have a binge watch session with your pooch. If cartoons are not your cup of tea, you could always watch beautiful dog movies such as Marley and Me or “The subtle art of racing in the rain” which are my personal favourites and simultaneously do have a profound impact as you begin to contemplate life.

                  8. Enjoy a massage session

                  Relieve all the tension, body aches and stress with a gentle and comforting massage. You could call your personal masseuse and a trained pet massage therapist home and get simultaneous massages done. If you want to seize the opportunity of strengthening your bond, you can try giving your pet a massage yourself. 

                  Click here to read more about the benefits of massages for pets 

                    9. Enjoy a candle light dinner

                    Scatter some rose petals, arrange candles of different sizes  in no particular order (for safety reasons, if you have a mischievous pooch like mine, it is better to opt for battery operated candles to set the mood), play some soothing music, dim the lights, put on cute outfits and just enjoy a yummy and delicious meal that both of you will enjoy and savour as the sun sets and the moon is shone. It is alright if everything is not perfect to the mark, you could just focus on spending time together and giving your pooch the undivided attention that he or she deserves.

                      10. Get a hand-paw impression 

                      You can opt for a hand-paw impression using a clay mould or a simple paw-hand print on a canvas with beautiful colours of pet-friendly paint. This will remain to be a keepsake for years to come as you look upon this day and reminisce about the wonderful time spent with your pooch.

                      11. Set up a playdate with other furry friends

                      You could organise a valentine’s day special meal for your pet with their favourite pet-friends. This way you could “feed two birds with one scone” as you get to improve your furry friend’s social skills and bond together. As much as they may love spending time with you, they do need some personal time to interact with members of their own species.  

                      Here is a list of top pet friendly cafes in Chennai where you could set up a puppy play date 

                      12. Play the snuffle mat game 

                      A snuffle mat is a type of mental enrichment toy where treats can be dispensed and your pet sniffs out the tiny pieces of treats and devours them. This is a short game so it may not cut into any other activities you may have planned for the evening with your pooch.

                      To understand the importance of mental enrichment toys such as this click here 


                        13.  Sing for you pup 

                        My dog loves to gaze at me and often does admire me when I sing. There is something unsaid about music which can heal our pets too! Regardless of the music – cinema songs or gentle spiritual music, our pets do not understand the lyrics or the tune but it is a great way to express affection or soothe them. You could include their name in the song so they listen with undivided attention and make this a regular hobby.

                          14. Snuggle up

                          If you work long hours and feel guilty of not being able to spend time for your paw-lentine, you could take advantage of the situation as you snuggle up in bed after a tiring day and read out a cute bedtime story to your pet as you watch the little tired beings doze off beside you and you can take any guilt off your shoulders of not being able to spend time with your beloved pooch.   

                          Roses are red, violets are blue, I want to spend Valentine’s day with you, my beloved pup!

                          So, what are your plans with your pet this Valentine’s day? The list is endless, choose your favourite pet-friendly valentine’s day activity and make it a ritual. 

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